AffiliSearch has been acquired by OMG Affiliates

All partners to AffiliSearch will continue to receive high quality brands with localized full CRM & customer support, having high conversion rates to benefit from. 

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+10 years of experience

Personal Account Manager

Easier-to-use platform

High payouts


AffiliSearch is a leading gambling affiliate network, connecting affiliates, who wish to capitalize on quality gambling traffic, with iGambling advertisers seeking to pay for that traffic.

We have over a decade of experience in the business, making us perfectly positioned to set up campaigns that not just work – they thrive. 


We are the professional middle-men that will strike a fair deal to all parties involved. From personalised service provided to both affiliates and advertisers, to our convenient way of managing campaigns and reports, AffiliSearch leads the industry.

We also run our unique program AffiliSecure, allowing us to carry out manual fraud checks and make sure the traffic is of a high standard.

Top converting gambling affiliate campaigns

Affilisearch offers a wide range of unique and interesting affiliate campaigns from all areas of the gambling vertical. We have some of the best paying bingo, casino, sports and incent gambling affiliate campaigns in the industry all paying on a CPA basis.

Use the ‘Apply’ button to either sign up to the Network, or to start running the Program of your choice.

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